How the quality of the follicles is checked

How the quality of the follicles is checked

Hair is an important part of our appearance and taking care of our hair follicles is crucial to ensure their health and beauty. But how do we know if our hair is healthy?

In this article, we will look at how to check the quality of hair follicles to maintain a beautiful head of hair. We’ll discuss both simple and more advanced methods to ensure that our hair is in good condition and will remain beautiful and healthy.

What is a hair follicle?

A hair follicle is a microscopic structure located in the human skin that contains a strand of hair. Each follicle consists of a neck and a bulb, where the active hair strand is located. Hair follicles are located under the skin and are not visible to the naked eye.

Within the hair follicle, there are also cells called bulb cells that produce sebum, a waxy, oily substance that holds the hair shaft together and helps keep the hair moisturized.

Hair follicles are responsible for hair growth and are also involved in hair color, texture and orientation. Hair follicles differ in size and shape from person to person, which explains the variety of hair types and colors.

Hair follicles are important to health because they provide protection and moisture. With the right care, they will keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

How is hair follicle quality measured?

Calculating hair density, the number of hairs present on a unit area per square centimeter, is the best tool for estimating hair quality. The methodology involves counting the number of hairs on a one-centimeter square strip of scalp. This value is then compared to prerecorded images to assess the patient’s status.

Hair follicle diameter is another method of estimating hair quality. Medical professionals examine the diameter of each hair on a square centimeter of the scalp. If the average is greater than 20 microns, then the quality is considered good.

With these two tests, professionals like Hasci Swiss can determine the exact quality of the hair follicles. These tools are essential to improve hair health and contribute to a more effective treatment.

What are the precautions to take when checking the quality of hair follicles?

Typical hair quality control involves checking the condition and material of the hairs and follicles using an optical inspection bench. Despite the simplicity and repetitiveness of this task, it is necessary to take certain precautions to reduce the risk of errors.

First, it is necessary to keep the optical inspection instruments and key equipment in good working order during the inspection. Second, make sure that the instruments are properly calibrated according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Also, pay attention to the quality and cleanliness of the working environment, as optimal conditions can ensure accurate measurements. Finally, be sure to keep track of all records and audits that are performed during the inspection and document the procedures from the inspections to ensure consistency.

By following these precautions, you can ensure that follicle quality control is performed reliably and accurately.

Conclusion on how hair follicle quality is checked

It is very important to be well informed about hair follicle quality. Having a good knowledge of the products available allows consumers to know which products to develop and maintain good hair growth.

In addition, consumers need to be aware of the techniques for verifying the quality of hair follicles, as this ensures the best results.